Is your car ready?

Have your car 'Health' checked - to make sure you're ready for the road!

The Magna Health Check - Designed to give you peace of mind!

Our 'Ready for the Road' Check gives your car a thorough inspection, and the written report you will receive explains everything found, meaning you are in complete control of your car's health as we ease out of lockdown and get back on the road!


Comprehensive 25-point check, with traffic-light report for peace of mind

Complimentary Mini-Valet, to remove Lockdown dust!

'Air Conditioning Purge' - eliminating bacteria, and cleansing all surfaces

ONLY £29.95

    • Anti-Freeze - checking concentration and temperature tolerance
    • Engine Oil - ensuring level correct, topping up where necessary
    • Ad-Blue - where installed, checking level, and topping up if needed
    • Cooling System - check operation, incl. hoses and radiator cap, filling if ness.
    • Screen Wash (F&R) - check operation, and replenish reservoir.
    • Brake Fluid - monitor condition
    • Battery Condition - health check with print-out
    • Brake pad and Brake Disc condition
    • Tyre Condition - check for tread depths/condition
    • Tyre Pressures - check and adjust if needed
    • All Exterior Lighting - ensure all operating correctly
    • Wiper Blades (F&R) - check on condition, and clean