Spring Cleaning Tips To Look After Your Mazda

Winter is coming to an end and its time to get your car ready for Spring! All the wet and windy weather has likely taken its toll on your car so it’s important to give it some attention before the start of this new season. At Magna Mazda, we know the importance of making sure your car looks its best. If youre worried about the condition of your car then you can book in for a Mazda service at one of our local Mazda dealerships. Or if you want to give your Mazda a general spruce, then read our guide for getting your Mazda ready for Spring.

Wash off the dirt

Your first priority should be washing off the dirt and grime that has accumulated over Winter. Firstly, you need to wash your Mazda with a hose or pressure washer. Remember if you are using a pressure washer then you do not want to stand too close as this could damage the paintwork. When washing cars at our Mazda Dorset dealerships we always make sure we rinse the grit off first, to make sure we don’t scratch the paintwork. Once you have rinsed your Mazda, you can get started by filling a bucket with a soap/washing solution. Wash mitts and clothes are a better option than sponges as they tend to trap less grit. Once you have washed your car all over give it another rinse to get off any extra solutions and leave it to dry.

Sparkling windows

At our Mazda dealership, we always make sure our Mazda car windows are spotless. Car windows get really dirty, especially during winter. Dirty car windows can potentially affect visibility which is dangerous when you’re on the road. To clean your Mazda windows, all you need is a couple of microfibre cloths and some glass cleaner spray. Start by spraying the glass cleaner onto the cloth and applying it to each of the windows. Once you have done each window, use a clean cloth to go round again and buff the clean windows.

Vacuum the interior

Tackling a messy car interior is a lot easier than you might think. When performing a Mazda service at our local Mazda dealerships, we do most of the work with a vacuum cleaner and some hot water. Most conventional hoovers come with multiple attachments. When cleaning the interior of your Mazda, the brush attachment works really well. For cleaning the centre console and dashboard a damp cloth is ideal. Make sure you have ringed out any excess water and then give all the surfaces a good wipe. Using cleaning products is fine but just make sure they are suitable for the materials they are being applied to.

De-clutter the boot

A good spring clean means getting rid of the clutter and only keeping the essentials! Over the winter months, it is easy for the boot of your Mazda to become full of wellies, coats, blankets, and other winter essentials. Clearing all this out will make room for your spring and summer outings. Once you have emptied your boot you may want to give it a quick clean with the hoover.

Cleaning vents and wipers

To put the finishing touches on your Mazda spring clean, spend some time cleaning your vents and wipers. Wipers will get covered in grime over the winter months which will mean they may spread dirt over your newly cleaned windows. Use a cloth and some cleaning solutions to get all the excess dirt off and then leave them to dry. To clean your air vents, you can either use a thin brush or if you have a can of compressed air, we find this is very useful when carrying out a Mazda service. Lots of dust will have accumulated after months of blowing hot air into the car so make sure you have cleaned the vents thoroughly.

If you would like to book a Mazda service at one of our local Mazda Dorset dealerships, get in contact with us today. Speak to a member of our team to arrange a Mazda service or visit one of our Mazda dealerships in Poole, Christchurch, Dorchester, Southampton or Salisbury.