How Does Mazda Car Finance Work?

Have you ever wanted to know the best way to finance a car, or how financing a car through a Mazda dealership works? How about the difference between financing new versus used cars? Read more to find out what your different financing options are, trading in, servicing, and more!

Different financing options

Financing a car can seem like a daunting prospect, but all it requires is for you to choose the deal that suits you - whether that be hire purchase, loan, lease, or dealer finance, then choosing a provider. At your local Mazda dealership, there are three accessible finance options to choose from.

The first is Mazda personal contract purchase (PCP), perfect for the driver who likes to update their car and trade it in from time to time, allowing for shorter term finance agreements. The next is Mazda conditional sale, which allows you to spread the cost of ownership over prior agreed equal instalments and is the most common way to pay for your car. Finally, there is the Mazda personal contract hire, a financing scheme that allows you to take a car for an agreed period without carrying the responsibilities of ownership.

Financing used cars and new cars

There are very few differences between financing new and used cars. If you are looking to save money, financing a used Mazda car could be a good choice. The best way to finance a used car if the upfront cost doesn’t work for you is to consider a finance deal. The same goes for a new Mazda car, as although you will be paying higher rates, our finance deals allow you to pay instalments.

The pros of dealership financing

If you lead a busy life and you’re looking for a provider to do all the heavy lifting, dealership financing may be the option for you. Package deals can be convenient as the dealer is doing the work for you, and at the Magna dealership there are finance and leasing approved experts who can help you choose from your options.

Exclusive offers and deals

You can check out the newest finance offers for both new and used Mazda cars to ensure you are getting the best deal for your car. Our Magna Mazda dealership has the range of new and used Mazda cars, including the:

On top of our car financing plans, at Magna Mazda we also offer fixed price and monthly servicing plans that offer trustworthy service from expert technicians and access to Mazda Genuine Parts.

With the knowledge of our car financing deals, get in touch with us today to discuss your next new or used Mazda car financing plan at your local Magna Mazda dealership in Dorset, Hampshire, and Wiltshire.