Everything You Need To Know About Mazda Skyactiv Technology

Mazda cars have always been highly regarded for their performance and build quality. However, what sets new Mazda cars apart from many other manufacturers is the commitment to new and innovative technologies. This level of technological advancement combined with sophisticated engineering has always created the most amazing vehicles. With Skyactiv technology now apart of all new Mazda cars, Mazda is once again at the forefront of efficiency and performance. The question is though, ‘What is Skyactiv technology?’ and how is it used to make the range we sell at Magna Mazda some of the best on the market? Read on to gain an insight into Skyactiv technology and how it is being used in new Mazda cars.

Benefits of Skyactiv

Skyactiv technology features in many different areas of new Mazda car design including the engine, transmission, and chassis. The Skyactiv chassis isextremelylightweight and robust. This combination makes the Skyactiv chassis strong against any type of collusion while maintaining high levels of performance. Just like with the chassis and body design, the Skyactiv transmission has made new Mazda cars lighter while also improving fuel economy.

The most groundbreaking technology in the Skyactiv range is the Skyactiv-X engine.This engine is beginning to feature in certain new Mazda carsand comes with several benefits. Skyactiv-X is a complete redesign of a traditional engine and is the pinnacle of petrol engine performance. Showing Mazda’s commitment to helping the planet not just with the introduction of their electric cars, but with the improvement of their petrol models. The Skyactiv-X uses less fuel while producing more power than previous models.

Skyactiv in the Mazda range

These exciting technologies feature throughout our range of new Mazda cars. The Skyactiv-X engine is a radical addition to our range at Magna Mazda. Certain models of the all-new Mazda 3 come fitted with the Skyactiv-X engine. This makes the Mazda 3 one of the most cutting-edgepetrol cars on the market. The Mazda CX-30 is the first compact SUV to come with the Skyactiv-X engine. This incredible level of performance combined with the functionality of the Mazda CX-30 make it one of the best SUV modes in its price range. Both the Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-30 come packed with amazing technology, and the Skyactiv-X takes their performance to the next level.

What is SPCCI?

The Skyactiv-X engine sounds great on paper, but how does it achieve such amazing levels of performance while using less fuel? The answer is in the patented ignition system used in the Skyactiv-X engine. This ignition system called the ‘Spark Controlled Compression Ignition’ is what allows the engine to be so efficient.

The Skyactiv-X engine fitted to the Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-30 can burn less fuel by using a higher concentration of air. Normal petrol engines use an air to fuel ratio of about 15:1, whereas the Skyactiv-X engine uses about 40:1. This lean mixture of fuel and air is then compressed and ignited to increase the pressure in the fuel cylinder. New Mazda cars with the Skyactiv-x engine like the Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-30 can burn fuel more quickly and completely than a conventional petrol engine. This gives them the fuel economy similar to a diesel engine but with enhanced performance.

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