E10 Petrol - Is your Mazda compatible?

The list below shows the models in which E10 Petrol can be used:

  1. All Mazda6 Models from 2002 (GG/GY) onwards
  2. All Mazda2 models from 2007 (DE) onwards
  3. All Mazda3 models from 2003 (BK) onwards
  4. All Mazda5 models from 2004 (CR) onwards
  5. All Mazda MX-5 models from 2005 (NC) onwards
  6. All RX-8 models from 2002 (SE) onwards
  7. All Mazda CX-3 models
  8. All Mazda CX-5 models
  9. All Mazda CX-7 models
  10. All Mazda CX-9 models
  11. All Mazda BT-50 models from 2006 onwards

Any model not listed should be considered incompatible, and should use petrol that contains less than 5% Ethanol.

For more information and to check E10 compatibility please visit the .Gov information - this page.