Today (12th September) is National Video Game Day!

To celebrate the national day, we thought we would look into the best car and racing games for you to get your hands on.

The most popular choices are: ​


Forza is one of the most graphically stunning racing games available on the X-box one. ​

Need for speed 

Need for speed has come a long way since its first release in 1994.

Super Mario – 

Mario Kart is a popular choice for every member in the family, now with new characters and game play tweaks. The classic battle mode has also made a return to the newest version​.

Gran Turismo 

With 650 cars to choose from and real world tracks you easily get caught up in the moment for being on the track. Available on PlayStation. 


If you like breaking records and racing fast cars then F1 is the game for you with the best formula one race experience to date.

Project cars 2

The most realistic racing experience, with project cars 2 you need to pay attention to breaking zones, tyre selection and engine set up.

Has your favourite game appeared in our popular choices?

After all this gaming talk we are off for a quick race on the Wii!