Mazda began its journey as a manufacturer of cork products and rose to the challenges of rebuilding itself and the community in Hiroshima after World War II. Since then, we not only accept challenges, we are driven by them. Discover our milestones – like our well-earned win at Le Mans – and find out how our history has defined our unique approach to automotive design and driver-centred performance.




We celebrate Mazda's centennial with 100th Anniversary Special Editions that are a homage to our first passenger car, the Mazda R360.

The R360 wasn’t the first kei car on the market, but it immediately became the most popular thanks to its stylish looks, lightweight design, driver engagement and affordability – characteristics of today’s Mazdas.


Across the entire Mazda range, customers will be able to select their anniversary models with burgundy leather and white exterior, plus many unique details. Get in. Experience it for yourself and become part of our history.

Key Fob

Embossed with 100th Anniversary Special Logo​

Special Badge

The body is also adorned with a commemorative badge​

Embossed Headrests 

The most stylish homage of the last 100 years​

Alloy Wheel Centre Caps​

An expression to celebrate the 100th anniversary with you​

Mukainada Spirit

We were there when our home town of Hiroshima had its darkest moment, rising to this and every challenge since to help shape a better future. It’s this spirit that continues to drive us forward today.

​Kodo: Soul of Motion Design

We breathe personality into every element of our cars. Thanks to our human-centric design, every Mazda feels like it was built with you in mind, appealing to all your senses – unique, dynamic, alive.

Focused Technology

What others think is impossible drives us on. That's why Mazda started a revolution, taking cars to the next level by redefining everything from the engine and transmission to fuel efficiency.

Fighter Spirit


Mazda’s home city of Hiroshima is known for its incredible challenger spirit. Like a phoenix rising, the people of Hiroshima rebuilt their beloved city from the ground up. It's this strength that inspires us and fuels us to keep challenging the status quo, every single day.


​Just like an artist wants to evoke a response from his or her audience, we want to design cars that spark emotion in drivers. Only human hands can do this, so this is where our process begins – making beautiful clay models of forms that intrigue us. With precision and care, our Takumi craftspeople slowly translate these visions into production-ready cars. We call it Mazda’s art of manufacturing.

Clay Modeller

​At Mazda, design starts with a block of clay. There is simply no substitute. In the clay, the ideal lines reveal themselves, and only then do we introduce computer-aided design. We take the best of both worlds to create uniquely appealing designs.

Master Painter

TAKUMI NURI is Mazda's approach to bring the beauty of Kodo design to life with a rich depth that highlights every curve and line. The meticulous hand movements of master painters and the expertise of colour designers never fails to capture hearts.


Crowning the company’s centenary celebrations this year, the Mazda3 has won the 2020 World Car Design of the Year award, one of the special categories of the World Car Awards (WCA). The Mazda3 is the second Mazda to be named World Car Design of the Year, following the Mazda MX-5 in 2016.

SkyActiv- X

The Skyactiv-X petrol engine is revolutionary: The first petrol engine in the world to use compression ignition, resulting in excellent fuel economy, smooth acceleration and enhanced drivability. Spark Controlled Compression Ignition (SPCCI) combines the advantages of petrol and diesel technology in one.


Mazda delivers driving enjoyment, whether it's electric or any kind of car. All-new Mazda MX-30 incorporates an evolved Jinba-ittai driving performance and human-centric design – for 100% pleasure and 0% CO 2. A nearly ideal weight distribution and low centre of gravity with the battery at the bottom of the vehicle ensures natural, linear driving behaviour without losing the benefits of an electric car.